čtvrtek 25. prosince 2014

Martin Petro Biography

I first got involved in bodybuilding at only 14 years of age. Training hard throughout my teens I 
never entered any contest- just trained for myself to get better. Later when I moved to the UK in 2005, I went on to compete in my first natural bodybuilding contest in 2007. It was BNBF Southern where I placed 3rd as a Novice. Same year, I won my first contest- NPA South east. After this succes as a novice competitor I entered only one contest in 2009 in U-78kg category where I placed 2nd. Then I took time off to concentrate on my studies, future career and further improvements.

Two years later, in 2011, I came back to the stage and entered all NPA qualifiers placing in top 3 every contest, winning the middleweights with BNBF Southern but losing out on the overall. In 2012 I grabbed second at the NPA Midlands and winning every contest ever since- the most precious NPA Mike Williams Classic & PRO-AM and the overall, UKDFBA U-80kg, NPA British middleweight tittle and UIBBN World Championships.

After winning World Championships in 2012 I decided to move back to Prague, Czech, where I work as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant and massage therapist. I am also cooperating with Flora Health Canada (www.florahealth.com) and I opened e-shop with Udo`s Choice supplements here in Prague with one of my favorite product of all time - Udo`s Oil Blend. 
I took two years off from competing with only one goal in my mind - to win my Pro Card. And so in 2015 after two long years off the stage I came back to win my Pro Card in England at the UKDFBA/WNBF Pro International Championships. It was my very first time to prepare for a contest in Prague, Czech, everything was so different than in UK. But I loved it. I looked my best on stage to this date. I gave it all my heart. It was an amazing experience and my life long goal became reality.
 I am taking off this year 2016 but I will return back next year to compete in the US. My next goal is to qualify for the WNBF Pro World Championships and to win the WNBF Pro World Championships. 

Competitive record:

2015 WNBF PRO World Championships Atlantic city                    11th (heavyweights)
2015 Swiss Natural Pro Men Cup Switzerland                                 7th (open class)
2015 WNBF PRO Championships UK                                             2nd (open class)
2015 WNBF International Championships UK                                1st (u-80kg & Overall & Pro Card)
2015 INBA World Championships Dubai                                         5th (over 5`7 to under 5`9)
2015 INBA GP Hungary                                                                    2nd (up to 173cm)
2012 UIBBN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS                                      1st (u-80kg)
2012 KEŽMARSKÁ GRAND PRIX, SLOVAKIA                            1st (up to 174cm)
2012 NPA BRITISH FINALS                                                            1st (u-78kg)
2012 UKDFBA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS                                      1st (u-80kg)
2012 NPA MIKE WILLIAMS CLASSIC & PRO-AM                      1st (o-78kg & Overall)
2012 NPA SOUTH EAST                                                                  1st (o-78kg)
2012 NPA MIDLANDS                                                                     2nd (o-78kg)
2011 NPA MIKE WILLIAMS CLASSIC & PRO-AM                      2nd (u-78kg)
2011 UKDFBA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS                                      2nd (u-80kg)
2011 NPA SOUTH EAST                                                                  2nd (u-78kg)
2011 NPA MIDLANDS                                                                     2nd (u-78kg)
2011 NPA SOUTH WEST                                                                 3rd (u-78kg)
2011 BNBF SOUTHERN                                                                  1st (u-78kg)
2011 NPA YORKSHIRE                                                                    2nd (u-78kg)
2009 NPA SOUTH EAST                                                                  2nd (u-78kg)
2008 NPA SOUTH EAST                                                                  1st (NOVICE)
2008 BNBF SOUTHERN                                                                  3rd (NOVICE)