sobota 22. listopadu 2014

Training 21.-22.11. 2014

Last two days were extremly busy and I am glad I could manage my workouts. Trained legs and shoulders yesterday and drills today.

Leg extension - 12r 40kg, 12r 50kg, 10r 60kg, 8r 70kg, 6r 80kg  strong

Squat - 12r 100kg, 10r 140kg, 10r 160kg, 8r 180kg, + double drop set 10r 140kg, 12r 100kg strong

Horizontal leg press - 10r 180kg, 8r 220kg, 6r 230kg strong

Lying leg curls - 10r 50kg, 8r 55kg, 6r 60kg strong

Standing one-leg leg curl - 12r 10kg, 10,10r 15kg each leg

Seated shoulder DB press - 10r 30kg, 10r 35kg, 8r 40kg  strong

Superset: Seated side laterals - 6,6r 20kg
               Lying one-arm incline bench laterals - 10,10r 10kg each arm

Drills - Prowler work - Push 90kg 15m & Pull 90kg 15m - 3 rounds
Abs: Combo - Roman chair sit-up 30r + Seated tucks 30r + Standing med ball 4kg wood chop 15r each side - 3 rounds

Foam rolling at the end. Having great weekend - kyphosis course all day today and working with some clients in the evening - scoliosis course tomorrow and clients in the evening.

Starting new training program on Monday - looking forward to it.

čtvrtek 20. listopadu 2014

The peaceful warrior

“A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does”...

That was my motto today as  I had to dig really dip to go through this day. Trained in the evening today:

Combo: Skipping rope 30seconds
             Box jumps x10
             Sledge hammer 6kg from sides x10 each side
             Push ups(feet up on the tire) x15
             Hanging leg raises - toes over bar x12

3 rounds all in less then 10min. + stretching and foam rolling.

Cold and rainy days

Been very busy last two days - trained but felt like is not 100%.

Tuesday - drills

Prowler work 80kg 15m push&pull - 3 rounds

Combo: sledge hammer 6kg x20
             KB swing 24kg x15
             Hanging knee raises with twist x15
             Med ball throw 10kg
3 rounds non stop

All done in 15min.Short and sweet workout. Very cold&rainy weather outside.

Wednesday - chest&triceps

Incline bench - 2 warm up sets; 9,9,8r 100kg *not happy with that,felt weak so went for 8-10r with same weight

Flat DB bench press - 8r 45kg, 6r 50kg + drop set 4r 35kg

Incline DB fly - 10r 30kg, 6r 35kg + drop set 4r 35kg DB press

Dips - 10,10r +30kg

Triceps pushdowns - 6r 100kg, 8r 95kg, 9r 90kg

Seated Ez-bar triceps extension - 10r 40kg, 6r 50kg + drop set 6r 30kg

Seated DB triceps extension - 10,9r 35kg DB

All done in 60min. *haven`t trained shoulders today - just felt is not right...

pondělí 17. listopadu 2014

Last week of training

Trained back to day - this is my last week of training with this plan - nexxt week will start new one and can`t wait already!!

Pulldowns to front - 2 warm up sets; 12r 87,5kg, 10r 95kg, 4r 110kg + drop set to 6r 80kg

T-bar rows machine -  10,8,8r 100kg

One-arm DB rows - 12,10,10r 60kg *using wrist straps

Close-grip chins - 12,10,10r BW

Hyperextensions - 3x15r 35kg DB

Seated alternate DB curls - 3x8r 20kg each arm

Ez-bar preacher curls - 10r 30kg+bar (wide-grip), 8r 30kg+bar (close-grip)

Hammer curls - 10,10r 22,5kg

Training done in 60min. + stretching and foam rolling. Really good session, short&intensive with very little rest. Knowing is the last week is pushing me even harder.

sobota 15. listopadu 2014

Drills&Isometric work

Long day today - went for a long beautiful walk - later in the day - drills

Prowler work - 15m push 70kg 3 rounds + pull 70kg 3 rounds

Isometric ab&calf work

Plank 3x60seconds

Side plank 3x30seconds - holding each side for top contraction

Standing one leg calf raises - 3x30,45,45 seconds each leg - holding for top contraction

Really short but intense workout. Love it. Foam rolling and stretching for recovery. M.

pátek 14. listopadu 2014

Amazing things happen when you do this

Legs today - awesome day - started with a squat challenge - 1min. BW (91kg) 44 reps paralel - good warm up!

Front machine squat - 10r 100kg, 8r 120kg, 6r 130kg

Dumbbell lunges - 10r 30kg, 8r 35kg, 6r 40kg * each leg

One-leg leg press - 3x12r 100kg each leg

Stiff-leg deadlift - 10r 100kg, 8r 140kg, 6r 160kg * on last 2 sets using belt and wrist straps

Glute ham raises - 3x12,12,10r BW

ABS: superset: Barbell roll-outs 2x12r 60kg
                        Hanging leg raises - toes over bar 2x12r

All done in 60min. + stretching&foam rolling. Great session today - still felt my hamstrings from yesterday hill sprints!

This past week I learned a ton about lifting, life, nutrition and of course, myself. I was away and spnet time with some very experienced people in life and lifting. My mind was opened up big time. I am inspired and psyched.

It`s amazing what can happen for you when you do one simple thing - drop your ego. Stop thinking you`re smart enough, strong enough, good enough and any other limits you place on yourself. When you drop the ego you are always hungry to learn and always ready to grow as a person. The man who drops his ego is the man who always learns, always grows stronger and continues to prosper. He succeeds. He gains the competitive edge in life and lifting. His arsenal is powerful, strong and always evolving. Your goal every single day of your life should be - learn something new today and every day.


čtvrtek 13. listopadu 2014

Do this today

Took day off from training yesterday - after tuesday challenge "trial" felt I need rest.

Today trained chest, shoulders,triceps and straight after workout went out for hill sprints and steps.

Rack benchpress - 2 sets warm up - 10r 105kg, 6r 120kg + drop set 5r 100kg

Incline dumbbell press - 8r 50kg, 4r 55kg + drop set 8r 30kg

Flat dumbbell fly - 10r 30kg (feet up), 6r 35kg + drop set to flat DB press 2r same weight

Dumbbell pullover - 10r 40kg, 10r 45kg

Standing shoulder press - 10,8,7r 65kg  * using belt&chalk

Standing lateral raises - 3x6 20kg * went for heavier weight and less reps today

One-arm DB upright row - 3x10r 35kg

Bent-over laterals - 10r 22,5kg 6r 25kg + double drop set 4r 35kg, 4r 25kg

Close-grip benchpress off the pins - 10r 80kg, 6r 100kg + double drop set 4r 80kg, 6r 60kg

Overhead triceps extensions TRX straps - 15,12,12 r BW + drop set to dips 7r BW

Hill sprints 3 rounds + Steps up&down sprinting all the way to the top and back 3 rounds

All done in 1h 15min. What a session! Felt great with lots of energy and enthusiasm, love it.

I am having the best life ever - thank you thank you thank you to my clients and all the people - you know who you are :-)

Which program to follow? Which belt to wear? Weightlifting shoes? Yes or no? Which supplement to take? Are supplements more important than food...or more important than the training itself?
How about you just DO THE WORK. Get under that bar and kick  the sh...t out of it. Attack the barbell like a street fight. Do it with full blown intensity. Push yourself like never before. Go heavier, go harder. The workout is ready to go. The question is, are YOU ready?Free weights and bodyweight. Simple, not easy.
Love the work. Stop avoiding the work. Chase it. Find a way to make it harder, tougher and more challenging. Do this today. If you`re making excuses or taking forever to take action, I can assure you I am the wrong person to learn from :-) I want to work with action takers. Period. Be a man or woman of action.


úterý 11. listopadu 2014

Gladiator workout

Today was day off and I wanted to try and test upcoming challenge at our local gym. I did train with one young guy and he has great potential - showed some good effort today and spirit!

1 round - strength

Squat - 1min. BW - we put on the bar 75% BW not sure why :-) I managed 51 reps with 69kg and my partner 32 reps with 60kg - we will do this again tomorrow or thursday just to correct it :-)

Benchpress - 1min. 75% BW - i did 33 reps with 69kg and my partner Tom 29 reps with 60kg

Standing shoulder press - 1min. 50% BW - i did 23 reps with 45kg and Tom 16 reps with 40kg

2 round - fitness

Chins 6x BW
KB squat 20x 16kg
Hanging leg raises 10x BW
Push ups 15x BW
KB swing through 20x 16kg

5 rounds non stop - Tom was first - he manage to do 4 rounds.

I managed all 5 in 10min. and 10sec. - I am sure I could do better then that excuses!

With very little rest we then went on to 3rd round of agility

3 round - agility

Rowing 2000m - Tom 8min. 46sec and I 7min. 35sec. - it was quiet hard at the end - I am sure only the power of our minds were pushing both of us...

We trained very late in the evening, really liked that. Tomorrow is chest,shoulder and triceps - can`t wait!
Had a fantastic day today with my clients - thank you :-)

How many workouts is just right enough to truly maximize size and strength gains. The science can say one thing but if you have the personality of a gladiator and the attitude of a pitbull you can blend science with hell :-) Your mind is a BIG factor in how you should train. There is a lot of intuition when I train myself and others. There is no one size fits all. There`s a template and then there`s the approach where you dial it in.
Know the weak areas and build them up. Know the strengths and make them stronger.

pondělí 10. listopadu 2014

Plan B

After busy week I am back writing. Trained six times last week - 3 workouts and 3 drill sessions - feel good and strong.

Back, biceps today - started with Deadlift 21`s - haven`t done this for very long time - it`s a killer - 2 warm up sets then with 140kg bar - 7r from bottom to middle - 7r from knees to top - and 7r full range - 2 rounds.

Wide - grip pull ups - 12r BW, 2x10r +20kg plate arounf my waist + 1x drop set to lat pulldown behind the neck 8r 50kg - happy with slowly progress here due to my shoulder injury couple of months back.

Close-grip pulldowns (V-handle) - 10,8r 80kg + double drop set to 2r 65kg, 4r 50kg

Bent over rows - 10r 117,5kg 8r 127,5kg 6r 137,5kg * using belt and chalk, wrist straps on last 2 sets

Seated cable rows - 8r 100kg, 2x6r 107,5kg

Barbell curls - using thick bar - 10r 40kg, 8r 45kg, 6r 50kg

Incline DB curls - 10,8r 22,5kg

Seated DB curls - 8,8r 20kg

All done in 60min. + stretching&foam rolling. Great session - had lots of energy today.

You should always have plan B - I was taught this long time ago. But recently, I realized that plan B suck because it detracts you from your big plan. Your original idea. The goal that you really wanted.
Life and lifting, they are the same. Many lifters start a program and already in their mind believe they will "try" it for a few weeks and if the`re not benching 140kg and deadlifting 220kg they will move to the next secret program. I`ve had these thoughts myself. Plan A first, then, ok, I`ll do plan B if the first thing doesn`t work. Huge mistake. We all lose focus. We all think plan B is ok if plan A doesn`t happen. That`s the problem. Stop bothering with plan B. Don`t stray from your gut instincts. Don`t let yourself or others avoid the work so they can have stuff. Everything is to be earned. Strength - muscle - business success - life success - unless you work for it, you will not respect it. M


sobota 1. listopadu 2014

Keep focused

Drills this morning - trained in the park outside - one of my favorite place with beautiful view. The weather was great - loved it.

Hill run 150m - 3 rounds

Wooden steps - lots of them - huge hill all the way to top - 3 rounds - this was a killer!!

Combo: Hanging leg raises - toes over bar - hanging on big piece of wood - almost couldnt grab it -                managed 12,10,10 reps
             Push ups on the bench - 3 rounds of 20
             Seated tucks - 3 rounds of 20

All done in 15 min. Great start of the day. Lots of fresh air and sunshine with beautiful autumn colors.

Every day and night I am reading and learning. I`m reading two books now as I tend to float back and forth from a few books when it comes to training. One is "Never let go" by Dan John and the other is  "Legacy of Iron" by Brooks D. Kubik. They are awesome books, dialing in the science and practic of optimal training, listening to your athletes and treating each athlete as an individual. You cannot open a book without learning something...