středa 27. července 2016

One thing more important than muscles...

Everyone is talking about getting big, getting jacked up, doing more pull ups, getting a bigger deadlift, benchpress… In the world we live in, there is plenty of great looking people, ripped up and looking like carved statues. 

But one thing that is more important is not how you look...  It is how you live. How hard you work. The dedication you put into the things you do. The discipline that you don`t post on instagram or facebook. 

After so many years of being a personal trainer I have worked with some shady people. People who don't care for ethics and people who don't care for excellence. What if those people could  deadlift 800lbs and were ripped up like a model?  Those physical features don't make up for the bad features.

I know that judging is not good. The point here is to look within yourself. How can you be better starting  from the inside, not just the outside? I do this myself daily. 
I know I will never be perfect but I must get better. This all starts on the inside.

pondělí 18. července 2016

Old School Bodybuilding #5

Drills were on the menu yesterday - I do them outside whenever possible, one or twice a week or if I feel I`ll do them after weight training session.



Skipping rope 3 rounds 100
Hill sprints 3 rounds 3 sprints ( 3x sprints = 1 round )


TRX pull up straps 3x 15reps
Two-arm kettlebell ( 2x45lbs KB ) push press 3x12 reps
TRX press up straps 3x15 reps

TIRE flips 3 rounds x 3 ( big heavy tire, I guess around 300-400lbs )

sobota 16. července 2016

Old School Bodybuilding #4

Trained legs yesterday. Friday is a leg day for me for the past few years because my legs were always very strong and even on friday I can train them very hard.

Here is the workout:

Front machine squats 10r bar ( not sure how heavy is bar on this one ) 10r 90lbs + bar, 10r 180lbs + bar, 5r 230lbs + bar, 3r 270lbs +bar, 2x1r 320lbs + bar *using belt & chalk

Stiff leg deadlift 8r 315lbs/143kg, 8r 365lbs/165kg *using belt & wrist straps

Leg press 2x10r 675lbs/306kg

Step up on box with DB 2x10r each leg with 50lbs DB

Leg extensions 10,8r 220lbs/100kg ( all stack )

Lying leg curls 12,8r pin 10 ( all stack )

ABS: Hanging leg raises ( toes over top ) 15,12 r BW

*Stretching & foam rolling at the end.

Drills today - outside - fresh air - on the sun - can`t wait for fitness - agility movements!

Old School Bodybuilding for Strong - Healthy - Fit LIFE.

pátek 15. července 2016

Old School Bodybuilding #3

Trained shoulders and calves yesterday. Here is the insight:

Standing thick bar rack shoulder press 10r bar ( 55lbs ), 10r 2x25lbs + bar, 5r 2x45lbs +bar, 3r 2x55lbs + bar, 1r 185lbs, 1r 205lbs, 1r 215lbs, 1r 225lbs, 2x1r 235lbs/106,5kg *using fat gripz

One-arm dumbbell laterals 12r 45lbs, 10r 55lbs each arm

Bent-over laterals 12r 50lbs, 10r 55lbs

Seated thick dumbbell shoulder press 12,10r 70lbs *using fat gripz

Reverse pec-deck 12r 140lbs, 10r 150lbs

Dumbbell shrugs 2x12r 180lbs/81,5kg DB in each hand *using belt & wrist straps



Seated calf raises 2x15r 225lbs
Standing calf raises 2x15r 495lbs
Donkey calf raises machine 2x15r 400lbs

*Stretching & foam rolling at the end.

čtvrtek 14. července 2016

Old School Bodybuilding #2

I covered Monday session in previous blog where I trained chest, triceps and calves. I will cover today Tuesday session which was back, biceps, abs.

úterý 12. července 2016

Old School Bodybuilding

This week I am going to write about my recent training program. I have never felt stronger in my life. It is a bit scary as I know that the heavier I will go with weights the bigger chance that I might get injured. But I am listening to my body and always trying to remember “train for strength; don’t demonstrate it in the gym”.

čtvrtek 7. července 2016

Recovery work & Rest days

In this blog I am going to talk about recovery work. When we exercise, muscles are tearing apart but this help them to get bigger and stronger as they heal. Soreness only means there are changes occurring in those muscles.

When you exercise, heart rate increases to circulate more oxygen at a quicker pace. The more you exercise, the more efficient the heart becomes.

So you see how important is training. Don`t get me wrong here – I love training. But as much as I love training I know how important is recovery and my rest days off gym.