pondělí 26. ledna 2015

Last week of training

Last week of training was very hard - I had very little time but had to make it.

Monday 19.1.2015

Chest, triceps, calves

Incline benchpress with thick bar (paused at the bottom for 1 second) 2xwarm up sets; 10r 60kg+bar, 8,6r 80kg +bar

Flat DB press 3x8r 40kg

Incline DB flyes 10r 25kg, 8r 27,5kg, 8r 30kg

sobota 17. ledna 2015

Shoulders&calves and Back&biceps

Thursday - shoulders&calves

Shoulder press off the pins - 2x warm up sets; 10r 60kg, 8r 70kg, 6r 75kg

Standing lateral raises - 10r 15kg, 8r 17,5kg 6r 20kg, 6r 22,5kg

Barbell upright rows - 10,10,8r 50kg

Bent over laterals - 10r 17,5kg 2x10r 20kg

One-arm cable laterals - 12r 15kg, 2x12r 17,5kg

Squat - 1x20r 100kg

Calves: triset:

Standing calf raises - 3x20r 187,5kg
One-leg DB calf raises - 20,15,15r 20kg
Front raises - 3x30r BW

Done in 60min. + stretching for recovery. Good session.

Friday - back, biceps, abs

Deadlift - 2x warm up sets; 8r 140kg, 2x8r 180kg easy

Close-grip pulldowns - 12r 65kg, 2x10r 80kg

Wide-grip pullups 2x10r BW +drop set lat pulldown behind the neck 5r 50kg

Barbell bent over rows - 3x10r 100kg *using thick bar

One-arm cable row - 15r 30kg, 15r 35kg + drop set one-arm machine row 10r 25kg each arm

Biceps: Barbell curls - 10,10,8r 40kg

Incline DB curls (increase incline each set) - 8,7,6r 20kg

DB concentration curls - 2x10r 15kg + drop set to high cable curls 5r 20kg heavy

Barbell wrist curls - 2x20,15r 30kg

Abs: 2x giant sets

Hanging leg raises 2x12r

Rope crunch 2x15r 70kg

Seated tucks - 2x30r

Crunches(feet up) - 2x30r

Seated waist twist - 2x100r

Done in 75min. Feel strong and focus. Good workout.

středa 14. ledna 2015

Strong life

This thing ain't easy. Period. This thing called "life".If you wanna succeed in any endeavor, it will be tough. Hell, if you wanna be average it's gonna be tough. I've NEVER hidden from you the work ethic required to succeed and live a STRONG Life. I've NEVER hidden from you the mentality required if you are to live a STRONG life. I have always said that success in the gym and in life are going to take:

úterý 13. ledna 2015

Strong mind, strong body, strong life

Started new training program this Monday:
1) Chest, triceps, calves
2) Legs, abs
3) Off
4) Shoulders, calves
5) Back, biceps, abs

In the last 10 days i trained only two times as i had so many clients and other work commitments.
But with this new plan i will train again regulary day in day out.

středa 7. ledna 2015

RAW SQUAT 220kg x5 "The power of mind"

Trained legs today - after 4 very busy days where I didnt train - even today was rough day working all day with my clients - but felt strong and determined to dominate my SQUAT today! I had in my mind number 220kg for 5 reps and I knew nothing is gonna to stop me!!

úterý 6. ledna 2015

Overcoming resistance

There is 1 Exercise you MUST master and I'm gonna tell you what it is: Overcoming Resistance

It's something The Ultimate Warrior always spoke about. Every morning and every day, life handles
you many forms of resistance.

pátek 2. ledna 2015

New Year`s workout - strong&focused

Trained shoulders and arms today - felt strong and positive!

Shoulder press off the pins - 2 warm up sets; 2x4r 90kg

čtvrtek 1. ledna 2015

The Power of Mind

Returned to Prague on Monday morning and had day off from training as I havent sleep at all.

Trained chest and back on Tuesday 30.12.2014