čtvrtek 28. května 2015

Contest prep 2015 - Road to the UKDFBA Championships&WNBF PRO

Hi guys,

I haven`t been here for a while. My life was very busy past few months.

In March I started with my contest prep for this year. I have decided to compete again after two years off stage and my aim is for UKDFBA Lee Kemp show in UK which is in October and then WNBF PRO in New York one month after that.

I have lots of work - working with my clients, during weekends doing also some sport massage, and opening my e-shop very soon with Udo`s Choice supplements here in Czech.

My daily routine is the same on most of the days - wake up around 4am - training before I eat - then shower - breakfast - work till evening - preping my meals at night and repeat.

Must say I really love it and enjoy every day - even though its sometimes very challenging.

I weight train 4 days a week now 2+2 days and doing some cardio after every session no more then 20min. Also training every morning - drills - very short but intensive training at home - and sometimes I go for a long walk too .