pátek 31. října 2014

No easy way

Legs today - I`ve been waiting for this all week - love to train legs - its fo rme more mental training - only here you can see different between boys and men :-)

Rack squat - settle pins low enough just below paralel - 3 sets of warm up; 10r 140kg, 8r 150kg, 6r 160kg - havent done them in a while - great exercise but bloody hard!

Leg press - 12r 300kg, 10r 350kg, 5r 390kg + 1x drop set 10r 250kg

Barbell lunges - 10r 60kg, 8r 70kg, 8r 80kg

Lying leg curls - 10r 50kg, 8r 55kg, 6r 60kg

Stiff-leg dumbbell deadlift - 3x10r 55kg DB

Abs: combo - Seated tucks 3x30
                      Crunch with twist 3x30 each site

All done in less then 60min. Stretching&foam rolling for recovery. Great workout today - feel so good after.

Stop looking for the easy way. The easy way will not help you. The challenge is what builds you. The machines that allow you to sit down, lay down... They do nothing for building you into a bad mother f..ker.
Grab the iron. Rip it from the ground. Push, pull, squat, carry. High volume or high intensity. The short cut?
How about we kill all short cuts and only seek out the hard way? I always tell the clients/athletes I train, "Do not let me be the most motivated, most intense guy in this room."  I honestly wonder, do I want to see you succeed more than you want success yourself? Don`t let it be that way. Don`t wait for me to inspire you. Pull it from within. Inspire yourself. Own your discipline and self motivation. The training yes, I will guide you and help you with. But, if you don`t bring your intensity, your attitude and your commitment, none of my training will work. Ever. Remember, it`s not just about the numbers in the gym. It`s not just about squats, deadlifts and the like. It`s about being a Warrior in your life. Don`t be one of a million. Be one in a million.




čtvrtek 30. října 2014

Farmes market

Its been busy week so far. Trained chest, shoulders and triceps on wednesday and drills tonight - beautiful weather last couple of days - love it.

Rack benchpress - 2x warm up sets - 10r 105kg, 8r 115kg, 6r 120kg - strong today

Incline DB press - 8,8r 45kg, 7r 50kg - good effort

Flat DB flyes (feet up on the bench) - 10,8,6r 30kg

DB pullover - 12,12r 40kg

Standing press - 10,8,6r 65kg

Standing lateral raises - 10r 17,5kg 8,6r 20kg

Barbell upright rows - 3x10r 50kg

Bent-over lateral raises - 10,8,7r 22,5kg

Close-grip benchpress off the pins - 10r 75kg, 8r 80kg, 6r 85kg - strong!

Decline bench - lying DB extensions - 3x10r 20kg DB

Dips - 12,10r BW

All done in 65min. + stretching and foam rolling. Great workout!! Felt strong today, good intensity.

Drills today - again late in the evening - Hill sprints - 3 rounds

Steps - up&down - 3 rounds

Combo: Strap pulls TRX 3x15
             Strap press ups TRX 3x15
             Twisting hanging leg raises with straight legs 3x15

All done in 15 min. + stretching and foam rolling. Good session, short and intensive. Love runnning outside...

I`ve been shoping this week as I do almost every week on farmes market - lots of fresh vegetable, fruit, eggs, potatoes, mix nuts... Trying to eat well - if I wanna perform at the highest level then I have to take care of my body too - it will pay you later.

úterý 28. října 2014

Sky full of stars

Today was a bank holiday here in Prague - very busy day - been working all day - and saved my training for the end. This morning was beautiful weather - cold and misty - it reminded me New years Eve - when I woke up in the middle of nowhere :-) But evening was even better - The sky full of stars, moon, fresh air...
One of these evenings you don`t wanna go back home - after I finished my drills I spent some time outside watching night sky with all its beauty - listening to my favorite music -  cannot describe this moment.

Hill sprints first - 3 rounds - non stop
Steps - up&down - 3 rounds - non stop

Combo: KB swing 24kg - 15r 3 rounds
             KB squat 24kg - 10r 3 rounds
             Push ups - 3 rounds
             Hanging leg raises - toes over bar - 12r 3 rounds

Stretching and foam rolling for recovery. All done in 15 minutes. Loved it.

pondělí 27. října 2014

Back, biceps 27.10.2014

You know you`re tired, stressed out, confused, over worked and don`t know where the time goes.
My day was tough. Very tough. O could have taken a day off. I wanted to fall asleep.It was my 3rd week without day off from work. I got moving, warmed up, felt the blood pumping and fought against Mr. Resistance. Of course, my workout was awesome. It always happens. I can sleep better at night knowing I didn`t quit. Being strong is a choice. So is weakness. I choose strength. Live the code 365.

Rack deadlift - pins just above the knee level - 2x warm up sets 100kg,140kg for 10 reps; 8r 180kg, 8r 200kg, 5r 210kg

Close-grip pulldown - 12r 87,5kg 2x7r 95kg + 1x drop set 7r 65kg - felt so weak on this today

Pull ups to front - 12r BW Wide-grip; 10r Close-grip; 10r Wide-grip BW

Barbell bent over rows (undrhand grip) - 10r 115kg, 8r 125kg, 6r 135kg

Seated cable rows - 2x8r 100kg, 7r 107,5kg

Barbell curls - 10r 50kg, 7,6r 55kg felt too heavy today

Incline DB curls - 8,7r 22,5kg

Seated DB curls - 8,6r 20kg

All done in 60min.; Foam rolling and stretching for recovery. Beatufil cold but sunny day today - Looking forward to do my drills outside on days like these :-)

neděle 26. října 2014

Home made tomato sauce, organic whole wheat pasta, mince beef

One of my favorite meals - mince beef, pasta, tomato sauce... Love to eat this before heavy training days like back or legs. Enjoying with a glass of wine. I normally cook it with onion, garlic and fresh ginger, spices to taste. Its so delicious I could eat it every day!

sobota 25. října 2014

Home made bread

I love to eat my home made bread - so after couple of months without bread decided to make one today.
Its so delicous that you try it once and wouldnt wanna eat another bread - easy to make - tasty - healthy - full of energy. I am gonna have some tonight with organic butter and farm fresh eggs made on coconut oil.
Very productive afternoon today - was breaking walnuts and making some stock for next couple of weeks :)
Preparation is everything. Love this cold autumn evening...

Conditioning 25.10.2014

Drills this morning - beautiful autumn weather - love it! After little warm up and some mobility work started with first combo:

Front squat with 2x24kg kettlebells holding at shoulder level 8r
Farmer`s walk 20m
6 rounds non stop - goal was not to drop KB at all!

Kettlebell swing 24kg 15r
Kettlebell squat 24kg 5r
Push ups 10r BW
3 rounds non stop

Bear crawl 20m
Hanging leg raises - toes over top - 15r
3 rounds non stop

Job done in 15min. Great intensity - still could feel my legs from yesterday workout! Foam rolling and stretching for recovery.

pátek 24. října 2014

Food prep

Some of my food prep this week. Eat clean - simple as that. Eat lots of good food - natural and organic whenever possible. You are what you eat and thats exactly how you will look like.
And current photo from this year offseason at 91,5kg.

Wild alaskan salmon fillet with sweet potato, rucola, brocoli, olive oil.

Organic whole-wheat spagheti with lean mince beef, home made tomato sauce, brocoli, olive oil.

Grilled chicken, brown rice, mixed vegetable, olive oil, salat.

Squat challenge

Legs today - quads and hamstrings. Started my training with "Natural brown" squat challenge - who will do more reps with bodyweight in 2 minutes. Warmed up just a little and went straight for it.
Listening to my favorite music, rep after rep, told myself i have to do more then 60reps.
The weight on the bar was 92,5kg (my bodyweight 91,5kg ) - the reps were just shy of paralel - done 68 reps in 2 minutes (hope i counted it right :-) The video will be on FB later tonight.
After that had some rest and went straight to my workout.

Leg extensions - 10r 50kg, 2x8r 60kg
Horizontal leg press - 10r 180kg, 2x8r 200kg
Lying leg curls - 10,8,7r 55kg
Glute ham raises - 3x10r BW
Squat - 3x12r 100kg - felt like 200kg!!

All done in 45min. Great intense workout,loved it! Stretching&foam rolling for recovery. Had a great walk back home - beautiful evening. You know that feeling after good leg workout...Counting stars on the sky knowing one is missing...

čtvrtek 23. října 2014

Hill sprints 23.10.2014

Drills today - early in the morning - hill sprints 3x then steps up&down 3x
Then back in the gym - sledge hammer(6kg) 3x20 + hanging leg raises(toes over bar) 3x15 + KB swing(24kg) 3x15 - no rest. All done in less then 20min. Stretching and foam rolling for recovery.
Beautiful morning weather and fresh air - felt high on energy for the rest of my day. M.

středa 22. října 2014

Chest,shoulders,triceps 22.10.2014

Very cold and rainy day today - ideal for training :-) I guess british weather prepared me for the worst weather that could possibly exist! Anyway...
Incline benchpress - 2x warm up sets then 12r 80kg, 10r 90kg, 8r 100kg, 6r 105kg
Flat DB benchpress - 8r 40kg, 8,6r 45kg
Incline DB fly - 10,8,6r 30kg
Dips - 9,8r + 30kg
Seated DB shoulder press - 9,6,6r 30kg then double drop set to 25kg 2r, 20kg 2r - not very strong today
Seated side laterals - 10r 15kg, 8r 17,5kg, 6r 20kg
Lying one-arm side laterals (on decline bench) - 3x10r 10kg
Triceps pushdowns - 10r 80kg, 8r 85kg, 8r 90kg
Seated Ez-bar triceps extensions - 8,6,6r 40kg+bar
Seated DB extension - 8,7r 35kg DB

All done in 70min. Foam rolling and stretching for recovery. Good session, still not 100% but getting there...
One funny story today - while typing behind my computer, "ladybug" landed on my screen - made me smilefor the rest of my day :-)

úterý 21. října 2014

Hill sprints 21.10.2014

Trained late in the evening today. Eating my nut granola with full-fat natural yogurt and some almond butter writing this :-)
Started with 3 rounds of hill sprints - just love it! Beautiful evening sky full of stars...fresh air filling your lungs - great feeling.
Steps next - 3 rounds - sprint to the top and back down - no rest.
Eagle - holding 2x24kg kettlebells at my shoulder level - front squat 8r then 20m farmer`s walk with the same weight holding by your sides - 2 rounds - no rest - bloody hard on my forearm!
Then KB swing (24kg) 8r + Goblet squat (24kg KB) 5r + push ups 5r - 3 rounds non stop.
Last combo - barbell rollouts using olympic barbell and 2x60kg plates - 2x15r + feel elevated plank 2x60sec.

All done in 20min. + stretching and foam rolling for recovery. Great intense workout - loved every bit of it. M.

pondělí 20. října 2014

Back,biceps 20.10.2014

Today`s session started with wide-grip pulldowns to front - 2 warm up sets first then - 12r 80kg, 2x10r 95kg
T-bar rows were done old fashion way using V-handle and olympic bar stuck into special holder - 10r 80kg, 2x10r 100kg
One-arm dumbbell rows - 3x10r 60kg using wrist straps
Close-grip chins - done old school way - using V-handle hanging from chining bar - 12,10,10r BW
Hyperextensions - 3x15r +30kg dumbbell holding on my chest

Standing alternate DB curls - 3x10r 20kg

Ez-bar preacher curls - 30kg+bar 8r(wide grip), 7r(close grip)
Hammer curls - 2x10r 20kg

All done in 60min. Foam rolling and stretching for recovery. Had a great workout! Intensity was high with good pump. Getting stronger with each training session. M.

neděle 19. října 2014

Day off 19.10.2014

 We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we`ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep...

I had a long walk today in nature - what a great sunny day, filled with fresh air, sitting and watching birds, falling leaves, beautiful autumn colors...
Enjoyed home made oat pancakes with jam and almond butter - it reminds me that is sunday :-)
Watching movies, listening my favorite music, talking to my family, reading a book... Love my days off. M.

sobota 18. října 2014

Drills 18.10.2014

Went for a long walk today - needed to spend some quality time on my own with my thoughts. Took my blanket, diary, a pen, home made oatcake and cup of tea :-) Watching sunset at my favorite place - it`s amazing how great I feel after spending some time at this place. Love it.

Later in the evening - prowler work - pull 60kg 6x15m; push 60kg 6x15m - with focus on speed and explosive power. My right achilles tendon still hurting so had to apply kinesiology tape.
Abdominals - Hanging leg raises - toes over bar - 2x15,12
                      Rope crunch 2x15r 70kg
                      Seated tucks 2x30r
No rest. All done in 15min. Foam rolling&stretching for recovery. Tomorrow is day off.

You know that feeling...It`s late at night. Time escaped you, or is it the other way around? Perhaps YOU escaped time. But now it`s put up or shut up. Don`t talk about it, be about it. M.

You know that feeling…. It’s late at night. Time escaped you, or is it the other way around? Perhaps YOU escaped time. But now it’s put up or shut up. Don’t talk about it, BE about it. - See more at: http://zacheven-esh.com/blogs/#sthash.72bKuF1h.dpuf
You know that feeling…. It’s late at night. Time escaped you, or is it the other way around? Perhaps YOU escaped time. But now it’s put up or shut up. Don’t talk about it, BE about it. - See more at: http://zacheven-esh.com/blogs/#sthash.72bKuF1h.dpuf
You know that feeling…. It’s late at night. Time escaped you, or is it the other way around? Perhaps YOU escaped time. But now it’s put up or shut up. Don’t talk about it, BE about it. - See more at: http://zacheven-esh.com/blogs/#sthash.72bKuF1h.dpuf
You know that feeling…. It’s late at night. Time escaped you, or is it the other way around? Perhaps YOU escaped time. But now it’s put up or shut up. Don’t talk about it, BE about it. - See more at: http://zacheven-esh.com/blogs/#sthash.72bKuF1h.dpuf

pátek 17. října 2014

Legs - quads,hams,calves 17.10.2014

Legs were in order for today - didn`t feel very enthusiastic about that at the beginning of my workout as I felt tired after yesterday very late sprinting session. But after while I was on the right track.

Front machine squat - 2x warm up sets then - 10r 100kg, 8r 120kg, 6r 130kg
Leg press - 12r 300kg, 10r 350kg, 6r 390kg
Barbell lunges - 3x12r 60kg
Lying leg curls - 10r 50kg, 8r 55kg, 6r 60kg
Stiff leg barbell deadlift - 3x8r 140kg
Standing calf raises - 10r 187,5kg 10r 287,5kg 2x10r 337,5kg
Seated calf raises - 15r 70kg, 12r 80kg

All done in 60min. Foam rolling&stretching for recovery. Good session but felt it wasn`t 100% yet.
Slowly getting back there...One step at the time. M.

čtvrtek 16. října 2014

Drills 16.10.2014

Drills today - had to train late in the evening - dark,rainy,cold weather - but you know - it`s hard to beat a person who never gives up! This reminds me my competitive year 2011 where a placed 2nd so many times that people were making jokes :-) But I never gave up and came all the way to the top.

Hill sprints outside - 3x60m
Sprinting steps up&down 3x48 stairs

then - Pull up straps TRX 3x15
          Gecko 3x15 each hand
          Standing calf raises 3x15r 187,5kg
No rest. Foam rolling and stretching for recovery. All done in 20min. Haven`t done hill sprints for more then two months due to achillobursitis on my right heel. Feel strong&agile again.

Sometimes you need to be alone, not to be lonely, but to enjoy a little free time just being yourself and finding your way. In other words, the moments you feel lonely are the moments you may most need to be by yourself...

středa 15. října 2014

Chest,shoulders&triceps 15.10.2014

Another beautiful day today - lots of sunshine - had plenty of energy for this workout.
Chest was first and started with rack benchpress - after two warm-up sets went straight to working set -
10r 100kg, 8r105kg, 6r 110kg, 6r 115kg - strong
Incline DB press - 8r 40kg, 8,7r 45kg
Flat DB flyes (feet up on bench) - 10r 25kg, 8r 27,5kg, 8r 30kg
DB pullover - 2x10r 40kg
Shoulders - Standing press - 10r 60kg, 8,6r 65kg - not happy with this
Standing lateral raise - 10r 15kg, 8r 17,5kg, 6r 20kg
One-arm DB upright row - 10r 30kg, 10r 32,5kg,10r 35kg
Bent-over lateral raises - 3x10r 20kg
Triceps - Close-grip bench off the pins - 10r 60kg, 10r 70kg, 8r 75kg
Lying decline Ez-bar extensions - 10,8,6r 40kg + bar
Dips - 12,10r BW

All done in 1h 20min. + stretching&foam rolling for recovery

Great workout -had lots of fun today as well - you can see it from this picture :-) Tried to be serious but was laughing so hard almost cried!

If today was your last day in your life - would you do the things you are doing right now?
Be happy,be positive,inspire&encourage others. M.

úterý 14. října 2014

Drills 14.10.2014

Drills today - had to train very early - beautiful rainy morning, listening to Rocky soundtrack - never too old for that!

Prowler work - pulling 6x15m 75kg; pushing 6x15m 75kg

Sledge hammer 6kg - 3x20
Kettlebell swing 24kg - 3x20
Hanging leg raises - toes over bar - 3x15

Foam rolling&stretching for recovery. Feel great, love to train in the morning! All done in 20min.
Keep it simple, just be consistent with your work. M.

pondělí 13. října 2014

New training program

Just started with my new training - 3 days weight training and 3 days drills.
Here is the program:

1) Back,biceps
2) Drills
3) Chest,shoulders,triceps
4) Drills
5) Legs
6) Drills
7) Off

*Drills - sprints,hill sprints,steps,prowlers work,rope climbing,box jumps,KB swings,plyometric,abs,calves,forearms - will pick 3 or 4 on depend how i feel on that day.

Today training -  Back&biceps:

Deadlift - 10r 100kg, 10r 140kg - warm up; 8r 160kg, 8r 180kg, 6r 200kg *using belt only from 180kg&up - havent done this exercise for some time; feel strong.

Close-grip pulldowns - 12r 87,5kg, 10r, 8r 95kg  - no warms ups here,jumped straight to working set

Wide-grip pull ups to front - 3x12r BW - this is my biggest challenge - still feel my left shoulders so no add.weight here - focus on contraction,nice and slow,holding at top

Bent-over rows - 10r 110kg, 8r 120kg, 6r 130kg *using belt and chalk;overhand grip; used wrist straps on last set - strong here

Seated cable rows(using V-handle for close grip) - 8r 92,5kg 8,8r 100kg

Barbell curls - 10r 47,5kg  8r 52,5kg 6r 57,5kg (last 2 reps with cheating)

Incline DB curls(30 degree incline) - 8,7r 22,5kg

Seated DB curls - 6,6r 20kg

Training done in 60minutes

Great workout, had amazing pump, intensity was very high, loved it! Today was nice sunny day outside and could feel it how this sunshine was giving me plenty of energy :-)

Tomorrow morning drills at 5am - its gonna be very chilly morning!

Love what you do and do it with all your heart... M.

sobota 11. října 2014

My comeback

It`s been almost two years since my last competition. I`ve been thinking a lot about writing my own training blog for all those people who follow me and my competitive career. Here you will have the chance to see my every day training. I will continue to write this until next year - my comeback year.
I feel I wanna give something back to this sport and to people who love this as much as I do.
Had some tough times this year but feel determined to go back on stage in 2015. The plan is clear - to be in better shape than I was in 2012 competing for World Championships.
I will start post my training on Monday 13 October 2014. Thank you for everyone who is believing in me and supporting me in everything I do. Love you all. Martin