středa 26. července 2017

Off-season training 2016-2017

It`s been a while since my last blog entry. I kept myself relatively busy but also my working schedule is very competitive with a lot of traveling too.

Last time I competed was in 2015... Since than I am enjoying more life as I can travel more and exploring different places around the world. It doesn`t mean that I stopped training, not at all. I am training on regular basis and very hard, actually harder than ever. My weight is at the moment around 190 lbs and this is my weight I am trying to keep most of the time during the off-season. I feel very strong and fit. I train four times a week with my split varying but my favorite is:

Monday: Back, biceps, abs
Tuesday: Chest, triceps, calves
Wednesday: Drills/Conditioning + hiking
Thursday: Shoulders, calves
Friday: Legs, abs
Saturday: Drills/Conditioning + hiking
Sunday: Off or hiking

I love this split. One of the best results for me came from this split. I use power rack a lot and most of the time I do one power/strength move first in my routine going as low as one rep. After this I will do typical bodybuilding routine and do 3 to 4 exercises with 2 main working sets. But don`t get confused here... When I say two main working sets I mean really heavy hard intense sets. That is all my body needs and can handle and recover from. My workout normally last 45 to 60 minutes. I keep it simple and sticking to basic old school exercises.

I thought about competing this year for a while and even started with my diet in April/May but after some time I realized that I would be better without forcing myself to compete this year. I travel a lot, spent almost 3 months in UK at the beginning of this year working very hard seven days a week and still training in the gym twice a week. In May I accepted another challenge and went to San Diego, US for couple of months. I will be back in Prague, Czech Republic in September later this year but than again I have to spend some time in Slovakia, my home country and in October I will fly to England, UK to watch and support UKDFBA contest held by my friend Lee Kemp.

With all that I believe that I made a good decision not to compete this year. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life even without any diet just eating clean, natural food... But most of all I miss being on stage. Let`s wait until the end of this year and than decide what it is going to be next year... ;-)

Martin Petro