úterý 11. listopadu 2014

Gladiator workout

Today was day off and I wanted to try and test upcoming challenge at our local gym. I did train with one young guy and he has great potential - showed some good effort today and spirit!

1 round - strength

Squat - 1min. BW - we put on the bar 75% BW not sure why :-) I managed 51 reps with 69kg and my partner 32 reps with 60kg - we will do this again tomorrow or thursday just to correct it :-)

Benchpress - 1min. 75% BW - i did 33 reps with 69kg and my partner Tom 29 reps with 60kg

Standing shoulder press - 1min. 50% BW - i did 23 reps with 45kg and Tom 16 reps with 40kg

2 round - fitness

Chins 6x BW
KB squat 20x 16kg
Hanging leg raises 10x BW
Push ups 15x BW
KB swing through 20x 16kg

5 rounds non stop - Tom was first - he manage to do 4 rounds.

I managed all 5 in 10min. and 10sec. - I am sure I could do better then that but...no excuses!

With very little rest we then went on to 3rd round of agility

3 round - agility

Rowing 2000m - Tom 8min. 46sec and I 7min. 35sec. - it was quiet hard at the end - I am sure only the power of our minds were pushing both of us...

We trained very late in the evening, really liked that. Tomorrow is chest,shoulder and triceps - can`t wait!
Had a fantastic day today with my clients - thank you :-)

How many workouts is just right enough to truly maximize size and strength gains. The science can say one thing but if you have the personality of a gladiator and the attitude of a pitbull you can blend science with hell :-) Your mind is a BIG factor in how you should train. There is a lot of intuition when I train myself and others. There is no one size fits all. There`s a template and then there`s the approach where you dial it in.
Know the weak areas and build them up. Know the strengths and make them stronger.