středa 7. ledna 2015

RAW SQUAT 220kg x5 "The power of mind"

Trained legs today - after 4 very busy days where I didnt train - even today was rough day working all day with my clients - but felt strong and determined to dominate my SQUAT today! I had in my mind number 220kg for 5 reps and I knew nothing is gonna to stop me!!

Squat - 20r bar, 12r 60kg, 10r 100kg, 5r 140kg, 5r 180kg, 5r 200kg - warm up; 5,4r 220kg *using belt&knee wraps; Had a spotter for my last three sets of squats.

Stiff leg deadlift - 2x8r 160kg *using belt&wrist wraps

Leg press - 15,12r 350kg *strong

Standing calf raises - 10r 187,5kg - warm up; 2x10r 337,5kg *strong

Crunch(dumbbell holding on chest) - 2x15r 55kg DB

All done in 60min. It took me longer to rest between heavy sets of squat. Great workout, really felt so strong. Before my training felt tired and not sure...but once I stepped under the bar I was ready to rock`nroll!!

Today was my last day of that training plan and next week I`m going to start new training plan.