sobota 18. června 2016

Is cell phone a new trend in the gym?

Is cell phone a new trend in the gym? By Martin Petro Wnbf Pro

It the present – I live in San Diego, CA and train in one of the best gym – World Gym. I can`t help myself but even here I noticed people using their cell phones during workout. I just don`t understand it. Why are you people coming to gym? What does this mean to you? You do one set of benchpress and then you are sitting on the bench and texting someone. What is the point of workout? 

Where are all these Gladiators and Warriors gone? Where is the focus, intensity and mindest gone? Have any of you seen Arnold Schwarzennegger, Franco Columbu, Sergio Oliva, Frank Zane, Dave Draper, Bill Pearl, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Rich Gaspari, Lee Labrada, Shawn Ray etc etc using their cell phones during workout? No. Because they shared their passion about bodybuilding. They loved what they were doing. You could feel it in the room – intensity, focus, mindset, sweat, blood, hard work, determination, eye of the tiger, camaraderie, friendship, competition, and fun at the same time. Those were the Golden Years of Bodybuilding.

 I was born in 1982 and can`t remember any of this but i have all the magazines, books, dvd`s...I was studying the pictures, reading articles, watching rare training footage. I`ve have never enough of this. What`s happen to this generation? I see it everywhere. Gyms are full of people but I can count on one hand easily few  guys who are serious about their training. 

It is your workout – you should treat it that way – it is special time for you so make it count – get ready the night before – visualize – see in your mind what are you goint to do – get your stuff ready – be on time – leave your cell phone in locker room or have it with you if you want to record video of your technique or take a picture – but don`t get distracted by it. It doesn`t matter even if you are not competing for Mr.Olympia - whatever your goal is - you should take it seriously or just stay at home and watch some football on TV.

All you need is your mind, focus, determination, and some training gear like belt, chalk, towel .
It should take you 45 to 60minutes the most - so make it worth it – be the best you can be – be like Gladiator...Warrior...kill it every time you are out there. There is plenty of time for your cell phone once you`ll finish your workout. 

Go to the gym to do the job – train hard – fast – intense – with sharp focus, determination and eye of the tiger...

Good old days...