pondělí 18. července 2016

Old School Bodybuilding #5

Drills were on the menu yesterday - I do them outside whenever possible, one or twice a week or if I feel I`ll do them after weight training session.



Skipping rope 3 rounds 100
Hill sprints 3 rounds 3 sprints ( 3x sprints = 1 round )


TRX pull up straps 3x 15reps
Two-arm kettlebell ( 2x45lbs KB ) push press 3x12 reps
TRX press up straps 3x15 reps

TIRE flips 3 rounds x 3 ( big heavy tire, I guess around 300-400lbs )


Wrist roller ( 20lbs attached ) 2x up & down
Hanging leg raises ( toes over bar ) 2x12 reps

All done in less than 25 minutes.

*Stretching and foam rolling at the end.

Old School Bodybuilding for Strong - Healthy - Fit LIFE.