pondělí 27. října 2014

Back, biceps 27.10.2014

You know you`re tired, stressed out, confused, over worked and don`t know where the time goes.
My day was tough. Very tough. O could have taken a day off. I wanted to fall asleep.It was my 3rd week without day off from work. I got moving, warmed up, felt the blood pumping and fought against Mr. Resistance. Of course, my workout was awesome. It always happens. I can sleep better at night knowing I didn`t quit. Being strong is a choice. So is weakness. I choose strength. Live the code 365.

Rack deadlift - pins just above the knee level - 2x warm up sets 100kg,140kg for 10 reps; 8r 180kg, 8r 200kg, 5r 210kg

Close-grip pulldown - 12r 87,5kg 2x7r 95kg + 1x drop set 7r 65kg - felt so weak on this today

Pull ups to front - 12r BW Wide-grip; 10r Close-grip; 10r Wide-grip BW

Barbell bent over rows (undrhand grip) - 10r 115kg, 8r 125kg, 6r 135kg

Seated cable rows - 2x8r 100kg, 7r 107,5kg

Barbell curls - 10r 50kg, 7,6r 55kg felt too heavy today

Incline DB curls - 8,7r 22,5kg

Seated DB curls - 8,6r 20kg

All done in 60min.; Foam rolling and stretching for recovery. Beatufil cold but sunny day today - Looking forward to do my drills outside on days like these :-)