úterý 28. října 2014

Sky full of stars

Today was a bank holiday here in Prague - very busy day - been working all day - and saved my training for the end. This morning was beautiful weather - cold and misty - it reminded me New years Eve - when I woke up in the middle of nowhere :-) But evening was even better - The sky full of stars, moon, fresh air...
One of these evenings you don`t wanna go back home - after I finished my drills I spent some time outside watching night sky with all its beauty - listening to my favorite music -  cannot describe this moment.

Hill sprints first - 3 rounds - non stop
Steps - up&down - 3 rounds - non stop

Combo: KB swing 24kg - 15r 3 rounds
             KB squat 24kg - 10r 3 rounds
             Push ups - 3 rounds
             Hanging leg raises - toes over bar - 12r 3 rounds

Stretching and foam rolling for recovery. All done in 15 minutes. Loved it.