pondělí 20. října 2014

Back,biceps 20.10.2014

Today`s session started with wide-grip pulldowns to front - 2 warm up sets first then - 12r 80kg, 2x10r 95kg
T-bar rows were done old fashion way using V-handle and olympic bar stuck into special holder - 10r 80kg, 2x10r 100kg
One-arm dumbbell rows - 3x10r 60kg using wrist straps
Close-grip chins - done old school way - using V-handle hanging from chining bar - 12,10,10r BW
Hyperextensions - 3x15r +30kg dumbbell holding on my chest

Standing alternate DB curls - 3x10r 20kg

Ez-bar preacher curls - 30kg+bar 8r(wide grip), 7r(close grip)
Hammer curls - 2x10r 20kg

All done in 60min. Foam rolling and stretching for recovery. Had a great workout! Intensity was high with good pump. Getting stronger with each training session. M.