úterý 21. října 2014

Hill sprints 21.10.2014

Trained late in the evening today. Eating my nut granola with full-fat natural yogurt and some almond butter writing this :-)
Started with 3 rounds of hill sprints - just love it! Beautiful evening sky full of stars...fresh air filling your lungs - great feeling.
Steps next - 3 rounds - sprint to the top and back down - no rest.
Eagle - holding 2x24kg kettlebells at my shoulder level - front squat 8r then 20m farmer`s walk with the same weight holding by your sides - 2 rounds - no rest - bloody hard on my forearm!
Then KB swing (24kg) 8r + Goblet squat (24kg KB) 5r + push ups 5r - 3 rounds non stop.
Last combo - barbell rollouts using olympic barbell and 2x60kg plates - 2x15r + feel elevated plank 2x60sec.

All done in 20min. + stretching and foam rolling for recovery. Great intense workout - loved every bit of it. M.