čtvrtek 30. října 2014

Farmes market

Its been busy week so far. Trained chest, shoulders and triceps on wednesday and drills tonight - beautiful weather last couple of days - love it.

Rack benchpress - 2x warm up sets - 10r 105kg, 8r 115kg, 6r 120kg - strong today

Incline DB press - 8,8r 45kg, 7r 50kg - good effort

Flat DB flyes (feet up on the bench) - 10,8,6r 30kg

DB pullover - 12,12r 40kg

Standing press - 10,8,6r 65kg

Standing lateral raises - 10r 17,5kg 8,6r 20kg

Barbell upright rows - 3x10r 50kg

Bent-over lateral raises - 10,8,7r 22,5kg

Close-grip benchpress off the pins - 10r 75kg, 8r 80kg, 6r 85kg - strong!

Decline bench - lying DB extensions - 3x10r 20kg DB

Dips - 12,10r BW

All done in 65min. + stretching and foam rolling. Great workout!! Felt strong today, good intensity.

Drills today - again late in the evening - Hill sprints - 3 rounds

Steps - up&down - 3 rounds

Combo: Strap pulls TRX 3x15
             Strap press ups TRX 3x15
             Twisting hanging leg raises with straight legs 3x15

All done in 15 min. + stretching and foam rolling. Good session, short and intensive. Love runnning outside...

I`ve been shoping this week as I do almost every week on farmes market - lots of fresh vegetable, fruit, eggs, potatoes, mix nuts... Trying to eat well - if I wanna perform at the highest level then I have to take care of my body too - it will pay you later.