pátek 17. října 2014

Legs - quads,hams,calves 17.10.2014

Legs were in order for today - didn`t feel very enthusiastic about that at the beginning of my workout as I felt tired after yesterday very late sprinting session. But after while I was on the right track.

Front machine squat - 2x warm up sets then - 10r 100kg, 8r 120kg, 6r 130kg
Leg press - 12r 300kg, 10r 350kg, 6r 390kg
Barbell lunges - 3x12r 60kg
Lying leg curls - 10r 50kg, 8r 55kg, 6r 60kg
Stiff leg barbell deadlift - 3x8r 140kg
Standing calf raises - 10r 187,5kg 10r 287,5kg 2x10r 337,5kg
Seated calf raises - 15r 70kg, 12r 80kg

All done in 60min. Foam rolling&stretching for recovery. Good session but felt it wasn`t 100% yet.
Slowly getting back there...One step at the time. M.