čtvrtek 16. října 2014

Drills 16.10.2014

Drills today - had to train late in the evening - dark,rainy,cold weather - but you know - it`s hard to beat a person who never gives up! This reminds me my competitive year 2011 where a placed 2nd so many times that people were making jokes :-) But I never gave up and came all the way to the top.

Hill sprints outside - 3x60m
Sprinting steps up&down 3x48 stairs

then - Pull up straps TRX 3x15
          Gecko 3x15 each hand
          Standing calf raises 3x15r 187,5kg
No rest. Foam rolling and stretching for recovery. All done in 20min. Haven`t done hill sprints for more then two months due to achillobursitis on my right heel. Feel strong&agile again.

Sometimes you need to be alone, not to be lonely, but to enjoy a little free time just being yourself and finding your way. In other words, the moments you feel lonely are the moments you may most need to be by yourself...