pátek 14. listopadu 2014

Amazing things happen when you do this

Legs today - awesome day - started with a squat challenge - 1min. BW (91kg) 44 reps paralel - good warm up!

Front machine squat - 10r 100kg, 8r 120kg, 6r 130kg

Dumbbell lunges - 10r 30kg, 8r 35kg, 6r 40kg * each leg

One-leg leg press - 3x12r 100kg each leg

Stiff-leg deadlift - 10r 100kg, 8r 140kg, 6r 160kg * on last 2 sets using belt and wrist straps

Glute ham raises - 3x12,12,10r BW

ABS: superset: Barbell roll-outs 2x12r 60kg
                        Hanging leg raises - toes over bar 2x12r

All done in 60min. + stretching&foam rolling. Great session today - still felt my hamstrings from yesterday hill sprints!

This past week I learned a ton about lifting, life, nutrition and of course, myself. I was away and spnet time with some very experienced people in life and lifting. My mind was opened up big time. I am inspired and psyched.

It`s amazing what can happen for you when you do one simple thing - drop your ego. Stop thinking you`re smart enough, strong enough, good enough and any other limits you place on yourself. When you drop the ego you are always hungry to learn and always ready to grow as a person. The man who drops his ego is the man who always learns, always grows stronger and continues to prosper. He succeeds. He gains the competitive edge in life and lifting. His arsenal is powerful, strong and always evolving. Your goal every single day of your life should be - learn something new today and every day.