pátek 26. prosince 2014

Dungeon home gym

Thursday 25.12.2014 - trained at home shoulders and arms. Time when everyone is eating Christmas food and cakes I had my apple and nuts and was  ready to train.

Standing shoulder press - 20r bar, 12r 40kg, 10r 60kg, 8r 70kg, 6r 75kg, 5r 80kg *strong

Standing lateral raises - 2x12r 20kg

Barbell curls - 5r 50kg - warm up; 2x5r 70kg *strong!

Incline DB curls - 2x12r 20kg *heaviest DB I have at home

Triceps pushdowns - 2x12r cca 50kg

Dips - 12,10r +20kg

Hanging leg raises - 2x15r BW

All done in 45min., great workout, felt strong as ever. That small room has something magic in it, the place where it all started for me years ago.