neděle 28. prosince 2014

My hero & RAW 210kg squat

I had my last workout yesterday before going back to Prague tonight.

My dad was with me for a while and must say that he was my big motivation during my early years of training. He built our home gym and encouraged me to train from very young age.

Yesterday trained legs and abs.

Squat - 20r bar, 12r 60kg, 10r 100kg, 5r 140kg, 5r 180kg, 5r 190kg, 5r 200kg, 5r 210kg *strong squat

Leg press - 2x15r 175kg/385lbs * both sets to failure, very little rest after squats

Stiff-leg deadlift - 2x8r 150kg *using belt+wrist straps

Standing calf raises on smith machine - 15r 110kg, 10r 150kg, 10r 190kg

Hanging leg raises - 2x15r *toes over bar *wanted to do crunch with heavy DB but there wasnt heavy DB in that gym!

Training done in 45min.+stretching

Great session today, feel stronger and stronger. Keep it simple. Train hard. Eat clean. Enjoy what you do. Have a great day everyone. Love life :)