neděle 21. prosince 2014

Heavy leg day on saturday morning

Had to train on saturday because spent friday with my brother visiting some people. So how it went...

Squat - 5 warm up sets; 5r 200kg, 2r 200kg(failed on 3rd rep - just my mind playing), 5r 200kg *using belt

Leg press - 15r 300kg, 15r 325kg

Stiff leg deadlift - 8r 140kg, 8r 160kg *belt+wrist straps

Standing calf raises - 1xwarm up set; 2x10r 312,5kg

Crunches(DB on chest) - 2x15r 50kg

All done in 45min. + stretching&foam rolling for recovery. Good session, need to improve my squat step by step, I am getting stronger each week.