středa 17. prosince 2014

Training with my little brother :-)

Had a visit today - my little brother - so we trained at the same time and had a good time and fun :-)

Shoulders&arms today - started in the power rack.

Shoulder press off the pins - 2 warm up sets - 5r 80kg, 5r 90kg strong!!

Heavy power lateral raises - 2x12r 20kg

Heavy barbell curls - 5r 50kg - warm up; 5r 62,5kg, 5r 65kg strong

Incline DB curls (45 degree bench) - 8r 25kg, 8r 27,5kg

Triceps pushdowns - 10r 95kg, 10r 100kg

Dips - 2x12r +25kg

All done in 45min. Really great workout! Enjoyed my brother company :-)