pondělí 26. ledna 2015

Last week of training

Last week of training was very hard - I had very little time but had to make it.

Monday 19.1.2015

Chest, triceps, calves

Incline benchpress with thick bar (paused at the bottom for 1 second) 2xwarm up sets; 10r 60kg+bar, 8,6r 80kg +bar

Flat DB press 3x8r 40kg

Incline DB flyes 10r 25kg, 8r 27,5kg, 8r 30kg

Superset: Dips 2x10r +20kg
               Cable crossovers 2x12r 20kg
Triceps pushdowns 10r 80kg, 8,6r 85kg

Seated Ez-bar triceps extensions 10,8,6r 30kg+bar

Seated one-arm DB triceps extensions 2x8r 15kg each arm + drop set TRX overhead extension 10r BW

Triset: Seated calf raises 3x15r 70kg
          Standing calf raises 3x15r 187,5kg
          Front raises 3x30r BW
Training done in 65min. + stretching and foam rolling. Good session, great pump.

Tuesday 20.1.2015

Legs, abs

Trained in the different gym today due to work commitment.

Leg extensions 4 sets 12-10r

Squat 3 warm up sets; 10r 140kg, 10r 160kg, 10r 180kg + drop set 10r 140kg, 10r 100kg

superset with barbell pullover - 3x15r 20kg bar

Seated leg press - 3x12-10r

One-leg leg curl - 3x15-12r

Seated leg curl 3x12-10r

Abs: 2x giant sets: Barbell roll out 2x12r
                            Hip thrust 2x20r
                            Plank 3x60sec.

Good session, felt strong on squats!

Thursday 22.1.2015

Shoulders, calves

Seated DB press 2x warm up sets; 10r 32,5kg 6,8r 35kg

Seated side laterals - 10,10,9r 15kg

30 degree incline bench laterals - 3x10r 15kg

One-arm cable laterals - 3x12r 15kg

Superset: Seated cable upright row - 3x12r 55kg
               Dumbbell shrugs - 15,12,12r 60kg DB

Superset: Standing calf raises - 15,12,12r 187,5kg
               DB one leg calf raises - 15,12,12r 20kg each leg
Front raises - 3x30r BW

Great session, felt bit tired today but pushed myself through it. Good feeling after.

Saturday 24.1.2015 (Havent trained on friday as I didnt have any time at all)

Back in the morning

Pulldowns to front 2x warm up sets; 10r 80kg, 10r 87,5kg 6r 95kg + drop set 10r 50kg pulldowns behind the neck

T-bar rows (machine) - 10r 80kg, 8r 85kg, 8r 90kg

Superset: One-arm DB rows 3x8r 60kg
                30 degree bench DB rows - 12,10,10r 20kg DB
Close-grip chins - 10,8,8r BW

Hyperextensions - 15r BW, 2x15r +25kg plate

Biceps&Abs in the evening

Seated DB curls 8r 15kg, 2x8r 20kg, 8r 22,5kg

One-arm DB preacher curl - 10r 15kg, 10r 17,5kg 10r 20kg each arm

Standing hammer curl - 3x8r 20kg

Abs: 2x giant sets:

Hanging leg raises 2x15r

Rope crunch 2x15r 70kg

Seated tucks  2x30r

Crunches 2x30r

Standing waist twist 2x100r

Great workout; had to split it into two but felt good and strong.