sobota 17. ledna 2015

Shoulders&calves and Back&biceps

Thursday - shoulders&calves

Shoulder press off the pins - 2x warm up sets; 10r 60kg, 8r 70kg, 6r 75kg

Standing lateral raises - 10r 15kg, 8r 17,5kg 6r 20kg, 6r 22,5kg

Barbell upright rows - 10,10,8r 50kg

Bent over laterals - 10r 17,5kg 2x10r 20kg

One-arm cable laterals - 12r 15kg, 2x12r 17,5kg

Squat - 1x20r 100kg

Calves: triset:

Standing calf raises - 3x20r 187,5kg
One-leg DB calf raises - 20,15,15r 20kg
Front raises - 3x30r BW

Done in 60min. + stretching for recovery. Good session.

Friday - back, biceps, abs

Deadlift - 2x warm up sets; 8r 140kg, 2x8r 180kg easy

Close-grip pulldowns - 12r 65kg, 2x10r 80kg

Wide-grip pullups 2x10r BW +drop set lat pulldown behind the neck 5r 50kg

Barbell bent over rows - 3x10r 100kg *using thick bar

One-arm cable row - 15r 30kg, 15r 35kg + drop set one-arm machine row 10r 25kg each arm

Biceps: Barbell curls - 10,10,8r 40kg

Incline DB curls (increase incline each set) - 8,7,6r 20kg

DB concentration curls - 2x10r 15kg + drop set to high cable curls 5r 20kg heavy

Barbell wrist curls - 2x20,15r 30kg

Abs: 2x giant sets

Hanging leg raises 2x12r

Rope crunch 2x15r 70kg

Seated tucks - 2x30r

Crunches(feet up) - 2x30r

Seated waist twist - 2x100r

Done in 75min. Feel strong and focus. Good workout.