pátek 2. ledna 2015

New Year`s workout - strong&focused

Trained shoulders and arms today - felt strong and positive!

Shoulder press off the pins - 2 warm up sets; 2x4r 90kg

Heavy power lateral raise - 2x12r 20kg

Heavy barbell curls - 5r 50kg warm up; 2x5r 70kg

Incline DB curls - 2x8r 27,5kg

Triceps pushwodns - 10r 60kg warm up; 2x10r 100kg

Dips - 12r +30kg, 9+3r 30kg *RP (rest pause)

Training done in 40min.; Great session. Strong. Happy with barbell curls. Short&Intensive session, love it.

Dinner time - cooked wild deer and wholewheat spaghetti - organic and healthy.