čtvrtek 1. ledna 2015

The Power of Mind

Returned to Prague on Monday morning and had day off from training as I havent sleep at all.

Trained chest and back on Tuesday 30.12.2014

Benchpress - 4 warm up sets; 2x5r 130kg * strong

Incline DB press - 2x8r 55kg *strong

Flat DB fly (feet up on bench) - 12,11r 25kg

Rack deadlift - 5r 140kg, 5r 200kg - warm up; 2x5r 235kg *strong

Wide-grip pull ups to front - 2x8r +35kg

Barbell bent-over rows (underhand) - 2x12r 110kg

All done in 50min. Felt very strong today! My last week of that training, stronger every week.

Wednesday 31.12.2014

Benchpress challenge - reps in 2 minutes with my own bodyweight (90kg) = 26reps

Chins challenge - reps in 30min. = 150reps

Wanted to do something different today. I knew that tomorrow will be gym closed so did some challenge just for myself :-) Great pump! 

Train hard - Eat clean - Be the best you can be

Coach Martin