středa 14. ledna 2015

Strong life

This thing ain't easy. Period. This thing called "life".If you wanna succeed in any endeavor, it will be tough. Hell, if you wanna be average it's gonna be tough. I've NEVER hidden from you the work ethic required to succeed and live a STRONG Life. I've NEVER hidden from you the mentality required if you are to live a STRONG life. I have always said that success in the gym and in life are going to take:

- Serious Hustle

- Sacrifice

- A Strong Mindset

- Constant Learning
You must become a different breed of man / woman. You will not be going about your day doing average things, thinking average thoughts or allowing average goals to take space in your mind. 
CHANGE who you are. Period. 
Very few are willing to be different. Willing to be a Leader. And most of all..... Willing to be a LEADER for the Leaders. THAT is the difference maker... When you are willing to Lead other Leaders. 
Willing to take the punches to the face, the haters all around, the responsibility and more.....