úterý 2. června 2015

Eating habits & Nutrition plan

As I promised last time I will post something about nutrition plan I follow at the moment. It`s very simple, basic plan. I always feel like I have the best results when I don`t complicate things.

I eat 5 meals a day. My day starts with breakfast - normally oats, whey protein, banana and Udo`s Oil Blend.

Second meal is either chicken/tureky/fish or lean beef with either sweet potato/brown rice/rice cake and some sauce(chilli most of the time).

Lunch - same as before but I will have large salad with it and handful of almonds.

Dinner - eggs with lots of vegetable and some tomato sauce. And my last meal is good quality protein blend with Udos Oil Blend. Simple. Very basic.

After workout I take post-workout drink which consist of 25g protein and 50g carbs.

Supplements - I do take L-glutamine, creatine, Bcaa, vitamins&minerals on daily basis.

Photos are from the past few months - you can see lots of variaty even when dieting for a show...I am trying to make it lifestyle - as much as possible - and enjoying every day of it :-)