středa 15. října 2014

Chest,shoulders&triceps 15.10.2014

Another beautiful day today - lots of sunshine - had plenty of energy for this workout.
Chest was first and started with rack benchpress - after two warm-up sets went straight to working set -
10r 100kg, 8r105kg, 6r 110kg, 6r 115kg - strong
Incline DB press - 8r 40kg, 8,7r 45kg
Flat DB flyes (feet up on bench) - 10r 25kg, 8r 27,5kg, 8r 30kg
DB pullover - 2x10r 40kg
Shoulders - Standing press - 10r 60kg, 8,6r 65kg - not happy with this
Standing lateral raise - 10r 15kg, 8r 17,5kg, 6r 20kg
One-arm DB upright row - 10r 30kg, 10r 32,5kg,10r 35kg
Bent-over lateral raises - 3x10r 20kg
Triceps - Close-grip bench off the pins - 10r 60kg, 10r 70kg, 8r 75kg
Lying decline Ez-bar extensions - 10,8,6r 40kg + bar
Dips - 12,10r BW

All done in 1h 20min. + stretching&foam rolling for recovery

Great workout -had lots of fun today as well - you can see it from this picture :-) Tried to be serious but was laughing so hard almost cried!

If today was your last day in your life - would you do the things you are doing right now?
Be happy,be positive,inspire&encourage others. M.