středa 22. října 2014

Chest,shoulders,triceps 22.10.2014

Very cold and rainy day today - ideal for training :-) I guess british weather prepared me for the worst weather that could possibly exist! Anyway...
Incline benchpress - 2x warm up sets then 12r 80kg, 10r 90kg, 8r 100kg, 6r 105kg
Flat DB benchpress - 8r 40kg, 8,6r 45kg
Incline DB fly - 10,8,6r 30kg
Dips - 9,8r + 30kg
Seated DB shoulder press - 9,6,6r 30kg then double drop set to 25kg 2r, 20kg 2r - not very strong today
Seated side laterals - 10r 15kg, 8r 17,5kg, 6r 20kg
Lying one-arm side laterals (on decline bench) - 3x10r 10kg
Triceps pushdowns - 10r 80kg, 8r 85kg, 8r 90kg
Seated Ez-bar triceps extensions - 8,6,6r 40kg+bar
Seated DB extension - 8,7r 35kg DB

All done in 70min. Foam rolling and stretching for recovery. Good session, still not 100% but getting there...
One funny story today - while typing behind my computer, "ladybug" landed on my screen - made me smilefor the rest of my day :-)