pátek 24. října 2014

Squat challenge

Legs today - quads and hamstrings. Started my training with "Natural brown" squat challenge - who will do more reps with bodyweight in 2 minutes. Warmed up just a little and went straight for it.
Listening to my favorite music, rep after rep, told myself i have to do more then 60reps.
The weight on the bar was 92,5kg (my bodyweight 91,5kg ) - the reps were just shy of paralel - done 68 reps in 2 minutes (hope i counted it right :-) The video will be on FB later tonight.
After that had some rest and went straight to my workout.

Leg extensions - 10r 50kg, 2x8r 60kg
Horizontal leg press - 10r 180kg, 2x8r 200kg
Lying leg curls - 10,8,7r 55kg
Glute ham raises - 3x10r BW
Squat - 3x12r 100kg - felt like 200kg!!

All done in 45min. Great intense workout,loved it! Stretching&foam rolling for recovery. Had a great walk back home - beautiful evening. You know that feeling after good leg workout...Counting stars on the sky knowing one is missing...