čtvrtek 20. listopadu 2014

Cold and rainy days

Been very busy last two days - trained but felt like is not 100%.

Tuesday - drills

Prowler work 80kg 15m push&pull - 3 rounds

Combo: sledge hammer 6kg x20
             KB swing 24kg x15
             Hanging knee raises with twist x15
             Med ball throw 10kg
3 rounds non stop

All done in 15min.Short and sweet workout. Very cold&rainy weather outside.

Wednesday - chest&triceps

Incline bench - 2 warm up sets; 9,9,8r 100kg *not happy with that,felt weak so went for 8-10r with same weight

Flat DB bench press - 8r 45kg, 6r 50kg + drop set 4r 35kg

Incline DB fly - 10r 30kg, 6r 35kg + drop set 4r 35kg DB press

Dips - 10,10r +30kg

Triceps pushdowns - 6r 100kg, 8r 95kg, 9r 90kg

Seated Ez-bar triceps extension - 10r 40kg, 6r 50kg + drop set 6r 30kg

Seated DB triceps extension - 10,9r 35kg DB

All done in 60min. *haven`t trained shoulders today - just felt is not right...