pondělí 17. listopadu 2014

Last week of training

Trained back to day - this is my last week of training with this plan - nexxt week will start new one and can`t wait already!!

Pulldowns to front - 2 warm up sets; 12r 87,5kg, 10r 95kg, 4r 110kg + drop set to 6r 80kg

T-bar rows machine -  10,8,8r 100kg

One-arm DB rows - 12,10,10r 60kg *using wrist straps

Close-grip chins - 12,10,10r BW

Hyperextensions - 3x15r 35kg DB

Seated alternate DB curls - 3x8r 20kg each arm

Ez-bar preacher curls - 10r 30kg+bar (wide-grip), 8r 30kg+bar (close-grip)

Hammer curls - 10,10r 22,5kg

Training done in 60min. + stretching and foam rolling. Really good session, short&intensive with very little rest. Knowing is the last week is pushing me even harder.