sobota 22. listopadu 2014

Training 21.-22.11. 2014

Last two days were extremly busy and I am glad I could manage my workouts. Trained legs and shoulders yesterday and drills today.

Leg extension - 12r 40kg, 12r 50kg, 10r 60kg, 8r 70kg, 6r 80kg  strong

Squat - 12r 100kg, 10r 140kg, 10r 160kg, 8r 180kg, + double drop set 10r 140kg, 12r 100kg strong

Horizontal leg press - 10r 180kg, 8r 220kg, 6r 230kg strong

Lying leg curls - 10r 50kg, 8r 55kg, 6r 60kg strong

Standing one-leg leg curl - 12r 10kg, 10,10r 15kg each leg

Seated shoulder DB press - 10r 30kg, 10r 35kg, 8r 40kg  strong

Superset: Seated side laterals - 6,6r 20kg
               Lying one-arm incline bench laterals - 10,10r 10kg each arm

Drills - Prowler work - Push 90kg 15m & Pull 90kg 15m - 3 rounds
Abs: Combo - Roman chair sit-up 30r + Seated tucks 30r + Standing med ball 4kg wood chop 15r each side - 3 rounds

Foam rolling at the end. Having great weekend - kyphosis course all day today and working with some clients in the evening - scoliosis course tomorrow and clients in the evening.

Starting new training program on Monday - looking forward to it.