pondělí 8. prosince 2014

New training program

Today started new training plan - just for 4-6 weeks before I`ll start with my contest prep.
I just came back from New York last thursday and still trying to get use to it - time change. I will write something about my trip in next couple of days.

Chest&back today

Benchpress - 3 warm up sets - then - 2x5r 120kg nice and easy

Incline dumbbell press - 8r 45kg, 8r 50kg strong

Flat dumbbell flyes ( feet up on bench) - 2x12r 27,5kg

Deadlift from the rack (just above the knee level) - 5r 140kg - warm up; 5r 200kg, 5r 220kg

Chins (close-grip) - 5r BW - warm up; 2x8r +25kg

Barbell bent over rows (overhand grip) - 2x12r 105kg

Training done in 45min. + stretching&foam rolling; Good session!

Its been almost two weeks before my last training session - last time I trained was in Brooklyn, NY where I met Kai Green!
Picture showing here is from the gym Blink in NY, Brooklyn.