pondělí 15. prosince 2014

Chest&Back old school training

Had a great training session today! Feel like my strength is getting better and better.

Benchpress - 20r bar, 12r 60kg, 10r 100kg - warm up; 5r 125kg, 5r 127,5kg *strong

Incline DB press - 8r 50kg, 7r 55kg *goal was 8reps...next week will fight for that one more rep

Flat DB flyes - 12,10r 27,5kg *feet up on the bench

Rack deadlift - 5r 140kg - warm up; 5r 220kg, 5r 230kg

Wide grip pull ups to front - 8r +25kg, 8r + 30kg

Bent-over rows - 12,12,r 110kg

All done in 50min., felt good and strong.