sobota 13. prosince 2014

Leg day and how I met Kai Green

Trained legs on friday - it was very short but intense workout. Small amount of volume this time of the year.

Squat - 20r bar, 12r 60kg, 10r 100kg, 8r 140kg, 5r 160kg - warm up; 5r 180kg, 5r 190kg *felt strong,      havent trained legs for more then two weeks.

Leg press - 12,15r 300kg

Stiff leg deadlift - 8r 120kg, 8r 140kg * using belt and chalk

Standing calf raises - 10r 187,5kg - warm up; 2x10r 287,5kg

Crunch (Holding DB on chest) - 15r 35kg, 15r 40kg

Training done in 45min. + stretching&foam rolling. Quick protein shake and some rice cakes after workout for recovery and back to work with my clients.

Photo below is with Kai Green in New York - will write about it more as I promised.