středa 10. prosince 2014


Very busy and productive day today - trained shoulders&arms within 30min.!

Shoulder press off the pins - 2x - warm up sets; 5r 70kg, 5r 80kg

Heavy power lateral raises - 12,12r 20kg

Heavy barbell curls - 5r 50kg - warm up; 5,5r 60kg

Incline DB curls(45 degree incline) - 8r 22,5kg 8r 25kg

Pushdowns - 10r 60kg - warm up; 10r 90kg, 10r 95kg

Dips - 12,12r +20kg plate

All done in 30min. + stretching and foam rolling. Great intensity,felt strong.

I might do some mobility work tomorrow or just have a day off before heavy leg day on friday - trying to listen to my body.